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WordPress plugin: Related Post with Thumbnail

related post with thumbnail Related Post with Thumbnail is a new WordPress plugin that returns a list of the related entries based on active/passive keyword matches and show the first available image. It can generate a custom sized thumbnail. Based on an original plugin of Alexander Malov & Mike Lu (v. 2.02)


Download the Related Post with Thumbnail wordpress plugin from the ufficial wordpress repository.


1) Download the .zip file and extract it
2) Upload the extrated folder (related-post-thumbnail/) to the WordPress plugins folder (wp-content/plugins/)
3) Activate the plugin from the WordPress back office panel
4) Run the SQL script from the plugin option menu
5) Customize the plugin in the option menu


The syntax is:

related_posts($limit='', $len='', $before_title = '', $after_title = '', $before_post = '', $after_post = '', $show_pass_post = '', $show_excerpt = '')


1) limit: how many related post to show
2) len: how many word have the excerpt
3) before_title, after_title, before_post, after_post: too simple to comment 😉
4) show_pass_post: show the password protected post
5) show_excerpt: show the post excerpt


You can see a live demo directly on this page. Just look on the left sidebar.

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